Strategic Framework

The Bullinah Aboriginal Health Service (BAHS) was established in March 2008, for Goori People in and around the Ballina, Byron Bay, Mullumbimby, and Evans Head areas of NSW.

Our Vision

Is for A strong, empowered and healthy Goori Community.
This is an enduring statement of BAHS’ reason for existence.

Our Mission

Bullinah, is a leading Aboriginal organisation, we work together with our communities and partners to achieve positive health and wellbeing outcomes by delivering sustainable and wholistic services.

Our Values

  • Cultural Safety
  • Self Determination through Aboriginal Ownership and Community Control • A whole of life approach to wellbeing
  • Integrity
  • Wellbeing through employment
  • Empowerment of our clients and staff
  • Ethical behaviour and treatment of others
  • Respect

Guiding Principles

The Following Principles guide Bullinah in our pursuit towards our vision:

  • Using Aboriginal Strengths-based approaches
  • Commitment to cultural safetyWorking to reduce the impact of racism and stigma
  • Pursuing equitable, sustainable needs-based funding
  • Recognising community and family connectionAcknowledging the impact of past policies
  • Upholding the principles of human rights and social justice
  • Facilitating access to services
  • Environmental sustainability and awareness

Our Domains of Work

The key domains of work for BAHS include:

  • Comprehensive Primary Health Care
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing Services
  • Community Engagement and Partnerships
  • Social and Cultural Connection Programs
  • Health Education and Promotion
  • Disability Support Services
  • Effective Corporate and Clinical Governance • Community-led research
  • Community Advocacy

Our Strategic Priorities

The six strategic priorities for the next three years are:

One | Governance and Culture | We respect, honour and celebrate Aboriginal culture and Identity. We respect the Aboriginal holistic view of health that includes physical, spiritual, cultural, emotional and social wellbeing. We continuously embed excellence in governance practices within a culturally safe environment.

Two | Community | We listen to and work in partnership with our community. We are a fierce and powerful advocate for our community, raising awareness about issues that are important to our community.

Three | The Bullinah Team | We are a collaborative, compassionate and professional service driven organisation that values and prioritises our teams wellbeing and development. We foster a culture of care and support facilitated through caring and comprehensive human resource practices within an Aboriginal Community Controlled Framework.

Four | Services | Our services are delivered under a “whole of life” preventative health strategy that is delivering on the Bullinah Vision. Our strengths-based services focus on individual, family and whole of community wellbeing.

Five | Sustainability | We continually grow our financial power, business skills and emotional intelligence, ensuring long term sustainability to support organisational growth to meet community need. We work to embed environmental sustainability across Bullinah.

Six | New Building | We strive to build and deliver our services from our own ‘fit for purpose’, environmentally sustainable facility on a single site in Ballina, ensuring additional capacity to meet the growing needs and emerging priorities of community.