Health Promotion

Who is SolidMOB?

Bullinah Aboriginal Health Service has hosted the Tackling Indigenous Smoking program since October 2012 and the regional program operates across the entire Northern Rivers region of Northern NSW.

SolidMOB Tackling Indigenous Smoking programs aims to educate, encourage and empower our Indigenous Communities to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Health Promotion

SolidMOB strives to work collaboratively with our communities and partner stakeholders to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes by increasing tobacco awareness and smoking cessation opportunities to support behaviour change.

Tackling Indigenous Smoking cessation programs and health promotion activities aim to:

  • Raise awareness of the health risk of tobacco use;
  • Promote and support a smoke-free workplace for Indigenous Organisations;
  • Develop partnerships to establish a united community-based approach to tobacco control;
  • Create smoke-free environments; eg homes and cars
  • Enhance access to culturally safe smoking cessation opportunities;
  • Support research to build evidence-based tobacco outcomes.

SolidMOB promotes smoking cessation through schools, community event and even hosts programs designed to support Indigenous people who want to quit smoking.

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