Chronic Disease Management

Bullinah provides a range of holistic primary health care services in an aim to prevent, detect, and manage chronic conditions. We take a client centred, team care approach involving our doctors, nurses, aboriginal health workers, allied health, and specialist staff. Bullinah also holds a number of healthy lifestyle programs including exercise and cooking groups, health promotion days, and health check days within the Ballina and surrounding communities.

Outreach Clinics

Bullinah provides outreach services to locations such as Cabbage Tree Island, West Ballina, and Mullumbimby. We have recently equipped a clinical van to allow us to grow and expand our outreach services to more communities within our footprint enabling us to help empower our clients to archive improved health outcomes.

Diabetes clinic
Diabetes educator (once per week) – Assistance with managing diabetes through education and support for clients and families.

Liver clinic
Liver nurse ( by request) –Management of hepatitis and other issues involving the liver through education, support, and testing.

Clinical Psychologist (monthly)
Management of complex mental health conditions in adults through counselling, therapy, and support .

Pharmacist (weekly)
Provides education and support around medications and supplements through groups and medication reviews

Dietician (weekly)
Assistance with weight loss, diet planning, Problems with digestion, and leading a healthy lifestyle through cooking groups, group education, and one to one appointments.

Podiatry clinic
Podiatrist (monthly) Assistance with foot care especially for clients with chronic conditions through one to one appointments.

Speech Therapist (weekly)
Detection and management of issues involving speech, communication and swallowing through one to one appointments.

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (monthly)
Detection and management of issues involving the female reproductive system and pregnancy.

Mental Health Nurse (weekly)
One to one counselling and management of mental health concerns.

Exercise Physiologist (weekly)
Assistance with detection and management of issues with physical health related to injury, chronic conditions, or lack of exercise through education, group exercise sessions, and one to one appointments.

Audiometrist (monthly)
Detection and management of communication problems caused by hearing loss.

Psychiatrist (monthly)
Assessment and medical treatment of mental health conditions through counselling, therapy, and medication management.

Social Worker (weekly)
Assistance with navigating social issues such as housing, employment and overall wellbeing through counselling, education, and advocacy.

Child psychologist (weekly)
Assisting children and adolescents with mental health conditions and behavioural issues through education, family therapy, and counselling.