Chronic Disease Management

Bullinah provides a range of holistic primary health care services with the aim to prevent, detect, and manage chronic conditions. We take a client centred, team care approach involving Doctors, Nurses, Aboriginal Health Workers, Allied Health and Specialist Staff.

Bullinah also holds a number of healthy lifestyle programs including exercise and cocking groups, health promotion days and health check days within the Balling and surrounding communities.

Diabetic Services

Diabetic Educator – Assistance with managing diabetes through education and support for clients and families.


Provides education and support around medications and supplements through groups and medication reviews.


Assistance with weight loss, diet planning, problems with digestion, and leading a healthy lifestyle through cooking groups, education and one to one appointments.

Cooking Programs:

  • Weekly Cooking and Exercise Group on Thursdays 10am-12pm at Missingham Park
  • Monthly Cooking and Exercise Group on Tuesdays 10am-12pm at Wardell Pod Village

Summary of cooking at programs:

Each session we prepare a new recipe using outdoor cooking utensils and eat the meal together. While preparing and cooking the food, we have a yarn and share experiences about menu planning, nutrition, recipe ingredients, cooking techniques/skills and label reading. One-on-one advice is provided for those who need a tailored diet approach. This program aims to support healthy eating habits within the community to create a strong and healthy community.


Podiatrist (monthly) – Assistance with foot care chronic conditions through one to one appointments.

Speech Therapist

Detection and management of issues the involving speech, communication and swallowing through one to one appointments.

Exercise Physiologist

Assistance with detection and management of issues with physical health related injury, chronic conditions, or lack of exercise through education, group exercises sessions, and one on one appointments.

Occupational Therapist

Assistance with carrying out day to day activities in order to support clients to live independently and help maintain, regain, or improve independence using different techniques and equipment.


Diagnose vision problems, eye diseases, and other eye issues to improve eye health, and prescribe glasses and contact lenses with corrective lenses, optical aids, therapies or medications.